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A Sea of Bitter Tears

December 19, 2017 Latinx Spaces

Martiza Torres, L.A. Woman, ink and marker on paper, 8x10 inches (Images courtesy of artist).

Excerpt from my interview with the Los Angeles based artist, Maritza Torres for Latinx Spaces.

"I first encountered the work of Martiza Torres, a Los Angeles based artist, through the San Antonio zine collective St. Sucia. Specifically, St. Sucia’s zine Issue 2: Dos Mundos, the cover of which was graced by her 2014 drawing Lookin For Change. The marker drawing depicts a pre-Columbian hot mess, a contemporary mujer dressed in regalia inspired by ancient Mesoamerican luxury: a headpiece of quetzal feathers fluttering about, strings of jade beads, and a jaguar jumpsuit along with huaraches. Her long, flowing black hair and Maya blue skin immediately capture the viewer’s attention as she rummages through her overflowing purse in front of the entrance to a diner or perhaps a nail shop."


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