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AAMC 2021 Panel: BIPOC Reflections on Moving Forward

May 3-4, 2021

As we continue to move through the time and space of this new decade, we are currently beholden to a crossroads of certain uncertainties and a reckoning to establish change within art institutions and spaces —especially in terms of equity and identity. Recent reports continue to show representation of identity in front and behind the scenes as an elusive mode. If recognized, only the few are visible or seen as viable to participate, akin to spectral beings filling voids when needed but consistently obscured by institutional practices dominated by White hegemonic aesthetics and supremacy. As BIPOC curators, how are we processing this reality where art and “identity” are becoming mainstream fixtures (again)? How and when do we work with or break from hegemonic systems? What are some of the histories, practices, and truths that we are holding to guide us through this time? The main question is what do we need to move forward.

Moderator & Organizer: Marissa Del Toro, Independent Curator and Art Historian

Panelists: Stephanie Archangel, Curator, History Department, Rijksmuseum Vivian Crockett, The Nancy and Tim Hanley Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Dallas Museum of Art Jaclyn Roessel, Writer, Curator, Coach, and Cultural Equity & Justice Consultant Jennelyn Tumalad, Independent Curator and Program Manager


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