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Endlessly Dreaming

September 30 – October 4, 2020 at Everybody in conjunction with NADA Chicago Gallery Open

Visions of Endlessly Dreaming include glittering figures posed with touches of fluff on canvas; scrumptious frosted paintings; and fringed boots. The materials are alluring but these visions challenge the sense of comfort and unveil distressing realities of being brown, queer, and/or an immigrant. Don’t let the glitter, fringes, and pastel fool you, honey.

Endlessly Dreaming was an exhibition conceived before the impact of COVID-19 became a distressing reality. Based on a lyric from Selena’s 1995 hit song Dreaming of You, this exhibition was conceived as an exploration of the lyrical sweetness of hope and longing from a personal but political positioning via unconventional materials and methods. The included artists create heavily saccharin works and alluring visions that pull us into their depths and engage us into dialogues with the realities, both joyous and uncomfortable at times, of those who are brown, queer, and/or immigrant. 

Digital exhibition held at Everybody in conjunction with NADA Chicago Gallery Open. For more information and full text, see here.


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