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Images of Power

February 9, 2018 Latinx Spaces

Suzy Gonzalez, No Fascist USA, corn husks and ribbon.

Excerpt from my review of the exhibition Images of Power Freight Gallery & Artist Studios in the Lone Star district of San Antonio, Texas, February 10 through February 24, 2018, for Latinx Spaces.

"Images of Power, co-curated by conceptual artist Mark Anthony Martinez and independent curator Alana J. Coates, is an exhibition tackling heavy and powerful topics; it presents a critical visual dialogue on the current issues of racial and cultural conflicts occurring on both national and local levels. The thirty artists included in this exhibition are from across the country, from Texas to New York to California. The works range from collage works and paintings, to corn husk assemblages and photography. All of the artworks in this show carry an anti-fascist and anti-white-supremacist view expressed through distinctive perspectives and artistic expressions." 


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