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Convergence of Visual Dialogues

June 28, 2018 Latinx Spaces

Cisco Jiménez, Monsato, 2011-2016. Collage and drawings.

Excerpt from my review of the exhibition Cisco Jiménez’ Sounds from the Archeological Time Machine and Margarita Cabrera’s Margarita Cabrera: Collaborative Work are on view until June 30, 2018 at the Ruiz-Healy Art gallery in San Antonio, Texas for Latinx Spaces.

"We are at a moment of convergence, where a multitude of issues, nations, and natural forces are meeting to form new amalgamations of meanings and beings. Our world is constantly changing with new conversations on violence, migration, and memory translated into visual dialogues. The works of Margarita Cabrera and Cisco Jiménez are one such convergence of dialogues, presented jointly at the Ruiz Healy gallery as two solo exhibitions. Although the works by both artists share a connection through similar issues and topics and their handmade processes, the aesthetics of their works differ."


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