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Long Beach Zine Fest 2017

August 6, 2017 ​Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Long Beach, CA

Presentation: Carving out space in the folds: Latinx Zine Art and Culture

Presented by Marissa Del Toro

Zine culture is a powerful political act against a contemporary society that fails to acknowledge diverse bodies in a heterogenous reality.

Panel: Latinx Zine Culture

This discussion brings local Latinx zinesters from throughout Southern California to discuss their introduction to zine culture as well as the power of zines as a medium to represent Latinx voices in contemporary society.

Moderated by Marissa Del Toro

Panelists: Brenda Montaño Aguilar, Zine Rasquache, Inland Empire, CA Christian Valles, Mi Desorden, Long Beach, CA Roxy Morataya, Dirty Girl Zine and Curvy Cuties, Los Angeles, CA

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